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NEW STANDARDISED FEES ( from 01-11-19)

( nb.All sessions must be paid in advance at time of booking)


FREE 25 Minute telephone Session

( No obligation and a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have)


If you are undecided why not book a

( Approx 30 minute session – Informal Intro £25.00)

Full session fees are:




£180.00 ( £45.00 PER SESSION)


£50.00 per session

All sessions last approximately one hour, payments for bookings must be made in advance of session. Payments can be made by; Bank Transfer, Cash, Cheque or Visa.

In the event of either side having to cancel an appointment an alternative date will be provided. Sadlywe cannot offer refunds on booked appointments but alternitive dates will be provided.

On promotional bookings there is no cash alternitive to the discount.



Appointments are held locally at our main office Cote Cottage Kings Park Bournemouth or

via SKYPE where appropriate.

All appointments must be booked in advance, payments are accepted by Cash, Cheque, BACS, or Visa /Mastercard


Nik Ethridge, Anxiety  Solutions or ILC, cannot guarantee results as these differ from person to person, While we try to provide a service that fully meets clients needs there may occasionally be times when NETS feel unable to provide you with a service, or may feel the need to withdraw their service, this can be done at anytime without reason or compensation if it is felt in the best interest of the client.

NETS are fully insured under Zurich Insurance Services, are registed with the CNHC and hold Senior Membership with the NCP. We upold a strict code of conduct and complaints procedure.

All information provided is held securely as required under the GDPR 2018

All services are confidential unless there is an identified risk to the safety of self or others, when this information may be shared.

Anxiety Solutions, If Life Consultancy and Nik Ethridge are all trading names of Nik Ethridge, and adhere to a strict code of conduct and practice under the National Council of Psychotherapists and the Complementary and Natural Health Care Council voluntary register.

Checked by the Disclossing and Baring Service for your confidence, certificates available.





Contact us today by calling or texting 07982 945 642 or by emailing on the contact form below or on the next page. We will respond as soon as we possibly can thank you.

Awards & Recognition


The Peoples Leader Award


The Heart of the Community Award


Shining Star award Centre of Excellence



From Client D, Fear of Flying

 "I cannot thank Nik enough for what he has done for me, He has changed my life and that of my long suffering husband. Only two weeks ago I was totally petrified of flying.

I have;

a) Refused to fly

b) Cried all the way through a flight

c) NEVER sat in a window seat

d) hyperventilated so much that a doctor on board had to give me oxygen.
I was a total nightmare to travel with.

After only two sessions with Nik.
I have
A) Got on an aeroplane with no anxiety
B ) Taken off and landed with a smile on my face
C) Sat in a window seat and watched whilst we took off and taken photos out of the window.
D) Enjoyed my first flight with absolutely no issues at all even when we encountered turbulence. I highly recommend Nik to anyone with issues flying, but you have to want it to work, you have to be open minded.
If ever miracles exist, Nik is one of them.”

 From Client    Travel sickness / Vertigo /Motion sickness

 I cannot rate Niks Hypnotherapy enough! After years of suffering with anxiety related to travelling and motion sickness I can finally say that it has gone! After one session a few days befroe I was supposed to fly I had my session amd felt no symptoms realted to this at all. The techniques used were great and easy for me to remember if I felt anxious! I even managed a boat trip without feeling sea sick, it was amazing, I could actually have fun with my family. Im definitely recommending to my friends and family, thanks again Nik

From Client A,   Lacking confidence / panic disorder


"I can’t thank you enough Nik for the help you gave my daughter today , I know she would have struggled with her university interview a lot more if it wasn’t for your help in fact.

She may not have even got out of the front door we feel like there is now a light at the end of the tunnel with the severe social anxiety that she has suffered with for many years"

 From Client M , Fear of Flying

Nik Ethridge was a godsend to me, I had terrible anxiety

he helped me enormously. I will be flying home next week form Colorado, I know that Nik will be with me all the way...

From Client S, Smoke stop

Nik is incredibly calming, he makes you feel at ease immediately. I must admit I felt so relaxed and in control. I highly recommend Nik and ILC

Disclaimer and legal

While Anxiety Solutions, If - Life Consultancy, Nik Ethridge or anyone working on their behalf (to be known as NETS) provides services to enable you to make positive life changes, we are not responsible for any outcomes or individual results, as these differ from person to person. We do not diagnose medical conditions and would advide if you have any health condition to see a qualified medical practitioner before contacting us.

We adhere to a strict code of conduct under the guidance of the National Council of Psychotherapists ( UK ) and the Complementary and Natural Health Care Council. 

All information is held safely and securely as required by the 2018 Data Protection Act.

All information is confidential, however should it present a risk to life or evidence criminal activity we would retain the right to share this with the appropriate authorities.

We are fully insured by Zurich Insurance under Balens Insurance 

Address: Balens Ltd, Bridge House, Portland Road, Malvern, WR14 2TA
Phone 01684 893 006 Fax 01684 891 361

We are checked by the Disclosure and Baring Service for your confidence