About me

  About me !


Hello and welcome to Talking Therapy Solutions,having worked in a range of specialist health and wellbeing settings for many years I commenced private practice specialising in all Anxiety related conditions.

I'm a people person, and like nothing more than deep discussion on life and its opportunities, I enjoy research and study many areas of life relating to human potential.

Having personal experience of anxiety throughout my life has led me developing a deeper understanding of not only how damaging it can be, but also what approachs work to help overcome it for good.

As a keen outdoor type, I love the sunshine, the sea and walking with my dog when ever I can get the opportunity.

Although I am based in Bournemouth Dorset, I also provide services both nationally and internationally (via SKYPE where appropriate)

My approach is  relaxed, informal  and don't use technical jargon in our sessions, our relationship is based on mutual trust, openess and honesty !

I look forwards to working together soon, if you have any questions that you would like to ask or would like to discuss the way I work, please just me please give me a call, its free and I'd be happy to chat...

best wishes




I have over twenty five years experience working across a wide range of wellbeing services, including health, mental health conditions, goal planning and coaching, assessment annd training.

During this time I have amassed a wide range of experience that allows me to better understand the diversity of the human mind, what stops us achieving our potential and how to overcome those issues that hold us back from being who we want to be.

My roles have varied from senior health management, service development through to the development and training in theraputic support methods.

As  Specialist Mental Health Service Manager, I held responsibility for community mental health staff, clients, community hubs, community resources and staff and volunteer training to meet the national occupational standards.

I currently provide tutoring and assessment in the Diploma in Counselling and Diploma in Coaching level 4 ABC Awards

I also facilitate workshops in both coaching and stress management and act in an advisory capacity for the Society of Holistic Therapists and Coaches as FSHTC.

Talking Therapy Solutions provides a specialist blend of talking, coaching and hypnotherapy approaches that support positive outcomes.

As such the approach is uniques to meet your needs and not a one size fits all..



Dip Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Dip WSN Counselling

Dip Hypnotherapy ( Clinical )

Dip Psychology

Dip Blueprint Practitioner

Dip Cognitive Neuro Reprogramming

Dip Neuro Linguistic Programming

Dip Mindfulness

Dip Meridian Psychotherapy (EFT)

Dip Brainworking and Recursive Therapy

Cert Diet and Nutrition

Cert Fitness and Exercise

Cert Feal the Fear Group Facilitator

Dip Health and Social Care

Cert Community Mental Health

Dip Animal Assistance Therapy Practitioner (Canine)

Talking Therapy Solutions.


 Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis  techniques are included in a variety of different Hypnotheraputic approaches used today.

While relaxing in a deeply focused state, your subconcious can access those parts of the memory that can affect positive change.

Hypnotherapy is a well know successful approach when overcoming fears, phobias, and unwanted habits such as smoking or poor diet.

It requires you to simply relax and follow the therapists voice.

It is NOT A STATE OF BEING ASLEEP.. but is actually a state of being highly focused and alert to what is being said..

Often one of the fastest approaches which sometimes will require only one or two sessions to completely resolve the issue.


Modern Psychotherapy includes a range of tried and tested approaches including, 

Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT)
Dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT)

Emotional Freedom Technique

Humanistic Counselling or Therapy

Cognitive Neuro Realignment

As an integrated therapist I have trained in a variety of different approaches and can tailor make a package of support specifically to meet your needs.

Psychotherapy can benefit issues that involve, loss, relationships, anger, fear, low self esteem etc

Over several appointments Psychotherapy helps to resolve the issues


Cognitive therapies help you to understand how thinking can affect our behaviour, and that by modifying or changing the way we think, can actually have a significant improvement on how we feel and respond to situations in the future.

There are traditional CBT based approaches and some modern approaches including 'ACT' as one of the 'Third Wave Cognitive Behavioural approaches.'

Excellent when wanting to stop repeating uunwanted behaviours and responses, or helping to manage unwanted anxieties.

Can be either a short term respons or longer term when managing complex situations